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In the ever-evolving spectrum of London's drum and bass scene, one constant has been the sound of Smokers Incorporated, a fiercely independent label run by Smokey Joe and his brother Tobi, a.k.a. Rude Dog T.

Smokey Joe helped to define jungle and drum and bass as we know it, bringing in elements of hip-hop, reggae, and breakbeats as the sound emerged from the Hardcore Techno scene in the early '90s. Underground classics like "Gimmie My Gun", "Special Request" and "Il Padrino" tore up nightclubs in London, enabling Smokey Joe to start his own label, known as No Smoking.

During 1996, the Smokers Incorporated label was formed by Tobi and Joe, taking on the tracks and artists of No Smoking. The first release was the highly acclaimed remix LP, The No Smoking Selection, featuring the some of the drum & basss scenes greatest producers remixing tracks from the No Smoking catalogue, including DJ Hype, Sappo, Facs, Smokey Joe, Krome & Time and Bizzi B & Wacko.

Smokers Incorporated have continued to push drum and bass forward by producing and remixing tracks by artists and aliases including B-Jam, Dope Jam, DJ Facs, Babylonian, and Rude Dog T.

Other labels under the Incorporated umbrella are Jazz Club Recordings, Bone Records, Rude and Deadly Records, EviL, Bad Dogz, and MVP. The Inc crew also run two studios, Smoking Studio 1 & 2 . Smokers tracks currently tearing up dancefloors worldwide include Smokey Joe's LP "Incorporated", the "Funk Fusion" E.P. from the live band Jazz In a Box, and the mysterious Il Padrino's "Vendetta".